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Genius, insane or evil mastermind? You decide!

15 March 1983
I am me, and since there is only one of me I am unique...unless I've got a clone some where I haven't been informed of. I'm open minded and accepting to all of life's different paths. Not used to talking about myself so I don't really know what to say. I'm able to have monogamous or polyamorous relationships.I have a tendency to be outspoken, and honest almost to the point of brash when there's a call for it. I'm quite sarcastic, and goofy and some times (rarely) I can be flaky. Slightly morbid and twisted at times but in a fun way, it's a good kind of insanity I bring around. I'm some what of a tomboy, and tend to have more guy friends that girl friends, but then again I'm "one of the guys". All in all I've been told that I am a kind, generous and all around good person and that people like having me around... So I must be doing something right somewhere. This is my place to rant, rave, and empty the thoughts from my brain so whatever you may read, don't go repeating it to others without my permission or I will remove you from my lists. With that in mind unless I know you, or we have a mutual friend who introduced you don't add me to your friend list without checking with me first.